ProHands for the day

You can order a worker for the day to do some painting or plastering or multiple small jobs for up to 7 hours a day. It will have a fixed price for the 7 hours and you can fit as much work in it as you wish. We will not quote for the job. You just order the ProHands for the day package, tell us what needs to be done on the day (so we can take the neccessary tools with us) and show the job to our worker on the day. 

Whether you need to tidy up your kitchen or get the dirty marks or holes in the walls and doors patched to get your full bond back, ProHands can help. No matter how small you think the project is, feel free to discuss with us, because in our ProHands For a Day services we provide is for all types of very small to medium renovation projects.


You can hire our ProHands For a Day services for the following projects: Touch up interior trim or exterior trim; Paint a guest kitchen or a bathroom; Pressure wash exterior surfaces; Minor repairs like dry wall cracks, touch ups and water stain repairs (please keep in mind the drying time for plastering jobs); building pre-made kitchen cabinet or anything else you can see in our services list. In our services, you will have expert support of our interior and exterior painters for full 7 hours. So, you can also prepare a combination of jobs that will take up to 7 hours. Usually, individuals think that labour services for a day, the quality of work is not assured. But, ProHands guarantees 100% satisfaction, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the work. We ensure your belongings are protected and your family is safe. Just because we have to complete the work in 7 hours, doesn’t mean we don’t do proper preparation or leave the project site dirty and messy. You will definitely have a smile on your face when the job is being carried out and complete satisfaction when it is done. You can ask questions related to our services and our workers will certainly provide a satisfactory solution.

Who will benefit best from this option?


  • Home owners that have odd jobs and the paint already there to do it

  • Office managers that would like to have a fixed price spring clean

  • Office tenants moving out and having to repaint fitout walls

  • A tenant who is going to lose bond thru dirty marks or holes in the walls and doors

  • People who have multiple small jobs around the home too small to quote on

  • Body Corporate help to have a fixed price alternative for small jobs

  • Friends or family wanting to purchase a very unique gift idea

  • And for everybody else, who wants to give his or her surroundings a facelift by getting some walls or patch on the walls corrected, but don’t have time to either do it on their own.


We are experts in doing such type of works, so you don’t have worry about that section being redone look different or get all the attention. Totally unlike other builders in Albury/Wodonga and surrounding areas, we provide the best competitive pricing as well as fixed price services. We carry all the gears and necessary painting or plastering tools, this helps us in starting our work fast and do it with finesse and perfection. We value our as well as our clients’ time, so you can be rest assured about no-delays.

Living room before painting
Living room before painting

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Living room after painting
Living room after painting

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Living room before painting
Living room before painting

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From a freshen up of your outdoor area prior to summer, a repaint of internal walls. Even an office tidy up at ProHands we understand that not everyone needs or wants a painter or plasterer to quote on a job. You just need someone for a day to complete some unfinished painting, tidy up your office walls, repaint some bedroom walls, paint a new door and some other touch ups. You may have a small job which no builder will want to come out, quote the small job and then come out to do it. Well this option is for you. It is as easy as requesting a date and having 7 good hours of work for our worker to do. We will provide


  • Drop sheets

  • Brushes

  • Rollers

  • Roller trays and brush pots

  • Ladders and steps

  • Tools of the trade

  • Sandpaper

  • No more gaps

  • Filler for dents on walls and woodwork

  • Wallpaper steamer

  • Plasterboard lift

  • Sander with vacum

  • Plasterer hand tools 

  • Tape


On the day, you can provide the paint or plasterboard and ready-made mud to complete the job or jobs. Or if you feel it's easier for you we can purchase these on the morning of the job. Instruct our professional worker on the jobs you want him to do and we will provide 7 hours of job completion around your home, rental or office with all equipment provided.

This option does not allow for discounts if our worker runs out of work and hour early, just find him or her something else you need doing and have the paint ready to go.

We will do our very best to complete all requests on the day. However if you have a bit more that needs doing you may not be able to book in our worker for the following day but we will do our best to book in another day as soon as it is possible. You can also book our worker for two days in advance. 

Price of our services: 


Half a day (4 hours of work, one person) :   $ 400.00 (+GST)

Full day (7 hours of work, one person) :        $ 600.00 (+GST)

If we are working out of town of Albury/Wodonga, we will charge $1.00/km measured from our premises to your home.

Payment is required 24 hours before your booked day, either by EFT done prior or cash or card payment in the morning on the day (card payment will occure a 2% surcharge). You will be issued a receipt for payment after payment is received.

Contact us: Zolly : 0487 954 964   or


Drop us a line now to know more about our services or discuss your project.