COVID19 update - ProHands Australia

It is important for our partnership that we implement measures which protect our workers as well as all of our clients of the possible effect of COVID19 (corona virus).

We have announced new measures to ensure health and safety of both staff and clients.

These measures include:

  • reduce physical contact with clients, we will keep a distance when we meet you and will not shake your hand, please do not take it personally, it is for your own protection;

  • if possible, face-to-face meeting and communication shifter to primary telephone and email communication;

  • when working on a job site, we only work there if no other workers, owners or other persons present to minimaze the possibility of contracting the virus;

  • more flexibility in working arrangement, including out of normal working hours, to find suitable times when the above measures can be put into action;

  • provide PPE to our workers, including hand sanitiser, soap and masks;

  • PPE advice and training resources;

  • in-advance purchase of materials for confirmed jobs to ensure the continuity of workflow in case of further lock-down.

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